Julia. R

On The Other Side of the camera stands a Franco-Canadian girl named Julia Rambaud: born in Paris but moved to London over a decade ago.

My passion for photography was triggered when my father gave me an old film camera as a young girl. Since then I slowly developed my own eye, topics of interests and style through both academic exposure and individual exploration. Some of these photographs have been kept as a personal collection over the years but I finally decided to share them.

My eye looks through a Canon T90 (Film Camera); only taking black & white photographs as I feel that the simplest color palette is the most powerful. None of my photos are retouched for the reason that it represents a moment in time; there is a beauty in the imperfections.

I travel the world and focus mainly on landscapes, architecture, streets and people wandering around. 

For all print, press and other enquiries please contact me via the contact page. 

Photos on the website are not sharp for copyright reasons.

'Travelling makes me fall in love with life;

Gives me a sense of adventure and freedom;

Changes my perspective;

Broadens my mind and feeds my soul.

It’s a natural high.'