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Julia. R

On The Other Side of the camera stands Julia Rambaud, a French native born in Paris but now residing in between London and Ibiza for over a decade.

My journey into photography began when my father gifted me an old film camera during my childhood. Since then, I've cultivated my unique perspective, interests, and style through a combination of academic exposure and personal exploration.

I view the world through a Canon T90 (Film Camera), exclusively capturing black & white photographs, as I believe in the profound power of the simplest color palette. None of my photos undergo retouching because they encapsulate a specific moment in time, celebrating the beauty found in imperfections.

As I traverse the globe, my focus primarily centers on landscapes and women. I aim to highlight their strength and independence through my lens. I like to create a dark and sensual scenery behind each image.

For inquiries related to print, press, or any other matters, kindly reach out to me through the contact page.

The images on the website are intentionally kept at a lower resolution for copyright protection.

'Travelling makes me fall in love with life; 

Gives me a sense of adventure and freedom;

Changes my perspective;

Broadens my mind and feeds my soul. It’s a natural high.'

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